TRIVIA EP. 24 – Catholic Charities

Nazareth Guild Trivia Video – Starring Rob McCann

A BIG hello to you also Mr McCann! Thank you to Catholic Charities for not giving up on the fight of COVID-19. Our Catholic students won’t give up either.

Mr. McCann said there were lots of things students could do to help the poor and vulnerable while stuck at home. Maybe call your relatives, rake a neighbors yard, be kind to your siblings. Take care of those who need a little extra help. The biggest thing we can do is to pray for the world, our Bishop, Pastors in our Diocese.

His trivia question asked how many people does Catholic Charities serve every year? The answer was 63,000 people!

If you see your name below, please send an email to with the following information:
your parents name
your mailing address
your parents email
and we will send your electronic gift card. It’s that easy!

Congratulations to our three winners below.

Trivia Winners 5/1/2020:

Abigail D – All Saints, 6th grade
SophiaLynn KM – St. John Vianney, Kindergarten
Connor C – St. Mary, 5th grade




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