Educational Development Grants

Strong principals and inspiring innovative classroom teachers are essential to the success of our eastern Washington Catholic schools. Nazareth Guild is committed to supporting these transformational leaders through grant programs that support and retain the very best leadership talent for our Catholic schools.

For more information contact Debbie Battaglia, Operations Manager at (509) 744-3257.










Teacher Initiative Grants

Nazareth Guild Teacher Initiative Grant Program promotes innovation in Catholic school education by supporting a teacher’s creative project or initiative for the classroom or school.  Grants funded through this program are intended for innovative projects or initiatives that benefit students, classrooms, multiple grade levels, have a long-term impact and foster spiritual growth.  For more information contact Debbie Battaglia.

Application process is now closed for the 2019-2020 school year 

View our 2018-2019 Teacher Initiative Grant recipients (PDF)

View our 2019-2020 Teacher Initiative Grant recipients (PDF)

Continuing Education Grants

Nazareth Guild is excited to offer a three credit course offered at Gonzaga University by Dr. Addy M. Wissel, Understanding and Supporting Students in Trauma.  

Application process is now closed 

Next Session:  Fall 2020


PLEASE NOTE: Once you have selected an application above, please download the PDF, complete the form, and add all required signatures. Then submit the completed form to:

Congratulations to our Catholic School Teachers who received a Continuing Education Grant to complete coursework at Gonzaga University.

Adolfson, Jeanne – All Saints

Apuyan, Tanya – Trinity

Barfield, Michael – St. Aloysius

Bennett, Lisa – Cataldo

Blanter, Andrea – Assumption

Devita, Kit – St. Aloysius

Eugenio, Monica – All Saints 

Flynn, Michele – St. Charles

Hardin, Robert – St. John Vianney

Hirst, Jordan – St. Aloysius

Holcomb, Stacie – Trinity

Holland, Amanda – St. Aloysius

Hughes, Teresa – St. John Vianney 

Johnson, Christina – St. John Vianney

Kerley, Jennifer – St. John Vianney 

Manfred, Keri – St. Aloysius 

McNitt, Andrea – St. Mary

Padon, Cece – St. Aloysius 

Parker, Patty – All Saints

Pearson, Shannon – St. Mary

Provinsal, Trisha – Cataldo

Ruiz, Sharon – Trinity

Sanchez, Carley – Cataldo

Schmidlkofer, Becky – St. Mary 

Sims, Janelle – Cataldo 

Sims, Ryan – Trinity

Stepien, Janelle – Cataldo

Tayne, Amanda – Assumption (Spokane)

Turcotte, Janelle – St. John Vianney

Wells, Diane – St. Aloysius

Partners in Catholic Education