Nazareth Guild announces largest donation ever in history of $3,807,166

Spokane, WA. (June 5, 2024)

Nazareth Guild received its largest donation to date for the benefit of building a new school for Assumption Catholic School in Walla Walla. The new building will (greatly benefit their community) provide a modern and well-equipped facility for the school and create a conducive environment for a quality faith-based education. This will serve the current Assumption community and attract new families, contributing to the growth and sustainability of Catholic education in the area. The new school will symbolize hope and a continued commitment to providing excellent education within the Catholic tradition for the Catholic schools of Eastern Washington. Groundbreaking is scheduled to take place in the Spring of 2025.


Debbie Battaglia, Executive Director of Nazareth Guild, said, “The donors called Nazareth Guild because they see us as a trusted partner of Catholic schools and wanted us to assist in orchestrating this monumental gift.” Hank Worden, Board Chair of Nazareth Guild, said, “A gift of this magnitude demonstrates the Catholic schools of Eastern Washington are alive and thriving, and the communities surrounding the schools have a sense of hope for the future.”

The anonymous donation signifies that our community believes in Catholic education and what it provides. The donors wanted to witness the impact of their financial gift during their lifetime. There is a reason why people want to support Catholic education; they believe it provides a strong foundation by fostering academic excellence and nurtures a sense of community grounded in faith and service. Most Reverend Thomas A. Daly, Bishop of the Spokane Diocese, said, “The Catholic schools of Walla Walla have served the young people, families and parishioners of this beautiful region since the 1860’s. The tremendous generosity of this most recent gift, the largest in the history of the school and our diocese, confirms the depth and commitment of the Catholic Faithful to ensure that our students will grow in grace and wisdom. I pray that this great blessing will inspire many others to be generous in supporting Catholic education in Eastern Washington.”

Nazareth Guild (a 501c3 under the umbrella of the Spokane Diocese) started in 2011 as a support arm for the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Spokane. Community leaders gathered to provide much-needed resources to maintain financial stability so the schools could continue their mission. Nazareth Guild seeks full enrollment for all schools (especially those serving the under-served and under-resourced) by offering tuition assistance grants to students who cannot afford the full cost of tuition. Nazareth Guild seeks to support the Catholic schools in Eastern Washington in their efforts to offer an excellent academic education based on the Catholic tradition.

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