TRIVIA: EP. 7 – Staying Connected as a Community

Nazareth Guild Trivia Video – Starring Katie Nuss

Trivia Tuesday was brought to you by Katie Nuss, a 5th-grade teacher at St. Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic school. Mrs. Nuss is an alumnus of All Saints Catholic School and Gonzaga Prep.

In yesterday’s trivia video, Mrs. Nuss spoke about the importance of staying connected. One of the ways she stays connected with her Catholic community is by attending Sunday Mass. While physically attending mass is not an option during the mandate to shelter in place, you can find Mass offered around the world online. Mrs. Nuss reminded us that The Gospel reading in every Catholic Church around the world is the same Good News.

In the Sunday March 29 Gospel, someone died and Jesus brought them back to life. The three trivia winners below submitted a correct answer to the question who was the mystery person Jesus brought back to life?

Congratulations to our three winners below.

Trivia Winners 3/31/2020:
Congratulations to our $10.00 Amazon Trivia Winners:

Sophia Lynn K – St. John Vianney, Kindergarten
Maria S – St. Mary, 8th grade
Angelo M – Trinity, 1st grade


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