Trivia: EP. 5 – Diagramming a Sentence

Nazareth Guild Trivia Video – Starring Zack and Gerrie Cunningham

Thank you for playing Trivia FRI-YAY with the Cunningham’s! Zack (an alumnus of All Saints and Gonzaga Preparatory) is the principal of Cataldo Catholic school, and his wife Gerrie is an English teacher at Gonzaga Preparatory.

In Friday’s Trivia Video, they diagramed the sentence Nazareth Guild loves and supports their Catholic school students. The question for the day was: What function does the word students serve in the sentence? 

It was wonderful to see all the students who answered correctly (the youngest being a 2nd grader). 

DRUM ROLL FOR THE ANSWER……..Students functions as the direct object. 

Welcome to the contest Walla Walla Catholic schools! Don’t forget to check out the daily trivia video, submit your correct answer, and share the contest with your friends!

Trivia Winners 3/27/2020

Congratulations to our $10.00 Amazon Trivia Winners:

Brennor H – Holy Family, 2nd grade
Inga C – St. Aloysius, 3rd grade
Jason G – Assumption (WW) , 6th grade

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