About the Nazareth Guild

Named after the town where Christ received his elementary education, The Nazareth Guild aims at raising and distributing separately endowed funds which will serve as an ongoing financial resource to supplement the income our schools already receive through tuition, parish support and annual fund raising.


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bishopdaly_200“As a graduate of Catholic schools, grammar through university, and a former teacher and high school president     for almost twenty years, I have experienced first-hand the academic excellence, extensive extracurricular activities, and the disciplined learning that occurs each day. And this all happens within the context of the beauty and tradition of our Catholic faith. As the Church, we must do all we can to share this blessed opportunity with generations to come.”

– Most Reverend Thomas A. Daly

Nazareth Guild
Board of Directors

Bishop Thomas A. Daly
Dr. Vincent Alfonso
Katie Doree
Carmella Garabedian
Steve Helmbrecht
Don Herak
Alex Jackson

John Luger
Dr. Rob McCann
Dr. Thayne McCulloh
Rev. Brian Mee
Dan Murphy
Lauri Nauditt

Mike Patterson
Katie Rieckers
Nancy Roach
Nada Stockton
Sister Mary Tracy
Tim Welsh, Chair
Henry Worden